Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My dear readers,
I'm making progress on my new novel. I've decided I shall call it, The Emerald Domino. But my lips are sealed as to the plot at this time. I want it to be an exciting surprise!

Dear Puff is such a comfort. He keeps the other kitties away so I can write uninterrupted and sleeps with me at night....so comforting!

Now that my royalties are coming in I have bought some lovely muslin and am making a new frock. It was a close call between muslin and caramel machiattos, but the muslin won. A girl must look good. I can only hope my next check can provide for both fashion AND taste.

That's all for today, my darlings. Keep reading and stay tuned.

Most sincerely yours, Lady Jane Garner


  1. Hi Lady Jane :) Smile. I am so enjoying the historical I discovered of yours at Smashwords, SECOND CHANCE and so looking forward to more regency historical romances! This new upcoming title is so intriguing! Nice teasing!

  2. Thank you, dear Lady Caffey.
    I am so happy to hear you like my little stories! Your words are like honey to my ears. Take care and enjoy the book!
    Most sincerely, Lady Jane Garner