Saturday, June 18, 2011

The New Novella is ready1

Huzzah! Dear readers,
My novella, The Emerald Domino is finally finished. I'm so excited, and Puff is squirming in his own little kitty excitement as well.

Dear Elinore has just uploaded it to the places on the Internet thingy where you can purchase it. So go forth, my darling readers and purchase, for I am desperately in need of a new bonnet!

Here's what the book is about:

             Lady Sophia Efffingham runs away to London rather than be forced into marriage with her weak-chinned cousin Theo. Until she turns eighteen, she’s under the thumb of her greedy aunt and uncle and can’t claim her fortune and the right to control her destiny. Without resources, she’s forced to masquerade as a maid to the handsome Earl of Bekam until her birthday.

            Sophy doesn’t expect to fall in love at first sight with the earl, and she didn’t plan on the risky masquerade she falls into. But she’s determined to save the earl from marrying a society beauty out to snare the earl only for his money. Disguised as the Emerald Domino, she risks everything to sneak into masquerade balls and warn the earl.

            The earl becomes intrigued with this mystery lady and begins to search for her. But Sophy’s relatives find her first and kidnap her, returning to their secluded home in Gloucester. The only person who can save her is the earl. But will he discover her identity and location in time?

Doesn't that sound exciting???? I hope you like it!
Very truly yours, Lady Jane Garner


  1. Beautiful! I just happened to go on Smashwords tonight and under Regency Romance and yours was on top and got it. Congrats on the release Lady Jane! Sophie sounds like a delight!!! Oh I too posted this on Facebook to refer to others! Have a great weekend. And I shall get a review up in a week or so for you and post around. Just got some others to do but would love to tell others about your books.
    Lady Caffey :)

  2. Dear Lady Caffey,
    So Delightful to hear from you! I do so hope you enjoy the story and thank you for your sweet words of referral. The more books I sell, the more bonnets, gloves, slippers and frocks I can buy!
    Take care dear lady!
    Lady Jane Garner