Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, my darling readers,
Elinor tells me someone put up a bad review of Second Chance on Amazon. How extremely hurtful. Puff is hiding under the bed, he is so upset.

Clearly this person is unaware of how difficult it is to write with 50 cats crawling all over you, not to mention that my typist/editor is Elinor who we love, but admit freely is off her rocker.

So dear reader, please excuse a few typos here and there, as with raw silk they only add to the character and authenticity of the work. When I'm rich and famous, I'll be able to afford a proper editor, but in the meantime, if you desire a better edited work, you might try spending more than 99 cents.

Of course one must take into account that the poor reviewer receives mostly one star reviews herself and is so desperate for fame, she posted her own biography on Wikipedia. Dear Lord, I'm laughing myself silly.

My tales are for your enjoyment, dear readers,  not a stuffy geneology or history lesson. We hear enough boring stories in our lives, it's much better to spend time thinking of ball gowns, kid gloves, spangled underskirts and silk stockings. Don't you think?
Most sincerely yours,  Lady Jane Garner

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