Friday, June 24, 2011


Oh my goodness, dear readers. Sales of Second Chance are going through the roof. I'm quite beside my self with joy. It's thrilling to learn that people want to read your stories. Emerald Domino is off to a good start as well this week.

I'm so delighted that I may soon have enough money for a ball gown. I assure you, muslin is fine in its place, but nothing can compare to velvet, silk and satin. Not to mention a spangled underskirt.....

Elinore doesn't understand the need for more gowns and has suggested we spend some money fixing the leaky roof. Well, I daresay not being dripped on in the middle of the night might be prodigiously pleasant, I do feel that one should have priorities after all. And my priorities lie strongly in the being well dressed department.

Puff is of course voting for more catnip toys, and God only know what the other cats are wanting. *sigh* Somehow I shall try to find a way to please everyone. Perhaps I shall sell enough books to provide for everyone's needs. That would be ideal.

Ah well, off to have tea with Elinor. I'm sure she will badger me about the roof. Lud!

Most sincerely yours,  Lady Jane Garner

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