Wednesday, April 27, 2011


La, dear readers! I must tell you of a most unsettling experience. My dear friend, Elinor, decided we should go into town yesterday. She feels I should learn more about these modern times andhow to get along.

I left sweet Puff playing with a ball of crumpled up paper and headed out. Elinore drives what she calls a "car" and I must say, riding along in it quite takes my breath away. Although she assures me we are going slow, I was never in a horse and carraige that went so fast.

When we entered the town, more cars whizzed by us, making me squeeze my eyes shut and grip the door handle. My stomach had turned a bit queasy, but by the time we stopped, I felt better.

She took me to a place called, Starbucks, which I had heard of at the time of my initial appearance here in Suffolk. The place seems to have taken on legendary proportions in people's minds, but in effect it is a small establishment though well decorated and with a pleasing aroma of chocolate and coffee beans.

Elinore said she would order for me, and I recieved what is called a caramel macchiata. And dear reader, never has such creamy deliciousness crossed my lips, even the time the Duchess of Devonshire served Chantilly cream souffles at her summer rout.

I believe I am fair addicted to the thing now. As soon as we left, I immediately wanted another one! However Elinor says we must limit our intake as they cost a near fortune.

Just another reason to push on with my novel writing. I need more money for caramel macchiatas! I am hurrying along with my second novel called, Masquerade. It's a fun little romp about an heiress who hides as a maid to escape her evil relatives.

So back to writing, Puff has kept my seat warm so I shall settle down and get to work. The lure of caramel macchiatas leads me on!
Very truly yours, Lady Jane Garner

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