Friday, April 8, 2011

Cats Everywhere!

Cats, cats, cats!  I originally thought there were about fifty here in Elinore’s house, but I’m starting to think I was seriously mistaken. There must be a hundred! Honestly I don’t know how she feeds them.

They come and go through a little door she had made for them, so there are invariably as many outside as in at any given time. I declare I am overwhelmed with cat hair in my bed, on my clothes, and God forbid, IN MY TEA!!!

Alas, I have nowhere else to go right now, having very little money, and Elinore is truly sweet for taking me in. But this is starting to pluck my nerves. I shall think of a way to divert some of the cats to another location if possible. Elinore can’t possibly miss ten or so among so many.

In any event, my first novel, Second Chance is now available for purchase, and I’m extremely excited about that. I shall hope that sales of this tome far exceed my expectations and then I may be able to buy a home for myself.

And I will not have any cats!

Very sincerely yours, Lady Jane Garner

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