Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Home is found!

Well, gentle reader, my situation does not seem as bleak as I first supposed. I met a lovely lady named, Elinore, yesterday who has invited me to live with her. I was quite surprised that she believed my sad tale of transportation for I truly understand how bizarre it sounds.

However, she graciously took me in and although her house is a bit run down, it is a lovely two-story Victorian design with a shady porch and sits off the main road on a little dirt trail. I was pleasantly surprised at the spacious woods surrounding this structure and envision many pleasurable days strolling under the lofty oaks.

 I do have some concern over all the cats, however. There must be at least fifty, although it’s difficult to count the little devils. I shall not complain though, for I am quite desperate for  a place to live.

At least Elinore is a tea lover as well and immediately offered me a cup once I was settled into the second floor guest bedroom. It wasn’t Earl Grey sadly, but passable, I believe it’s called Lord Lipton or some such name.

 I shall settle in and let you know more tomorrow about my interesting new habitation.

Most Sincerely,  Lady Jane Garner

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