Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear me! Transported!

Greetings dear readers!

It is I, Lady Jane Garner, most recently from London. Somehow I was transported through time and have ended up somewhere in the Colonies in the future. The last thing I remember, I was reading Pride and Prejudice and napped off. When I came to, you can only imagine my surprise. 

After running through the rest of Jane Austin’s esteemed works, I found a modern woman named Georgette Heyer had written some lovely novels of my time. Alas, after that, I wasn’t pleased with any other works as they put me quite to the blush! 

Therefore it is my endeavor to produce some sweet tales of the Regency period the way it should be portrayed, full of balls, and muslin gowns and handsome dukes waiting for a heroine to tame them. Of course I’m a bit shamed at being reduced to such drudgery, but I do enjoy writing and the world needs more Regency romances. Of course I’ll be needing some money, too, in this strange place, as I’m told by the darling inhabitants here that I will have to have a computer? to survive and something called “Starbucks.” 

So, sit back with one of my novels, pour yourself a cup of tea, and prepare to be transported back in time.  Most sincerely yours, Lady Jane Garner

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