Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seeing the Forest despite the Trees

Good morning, lovely readers!
I took a long walk in the woods today--they grow quite thick around Elinore's house. Fortunately there are a multitude of pine trees so the ground is covered with needles, making a nice walking surface.

One of the cats came along for the walk, which surprised me a great deal. It's a lovely gray Persian with ice blue eyes. This cat has a fancy for me I believe. I noticed it stays around me fairly consistently and actually crawled in bed with me last night.

Never having been one to sleep with animals (of four OR two feet) I was a bit unnerved at first, but then the warmth and contentment of having it curled up at my feet became apparent and I nodded off.

Such an occurance made me feel a bit guilty for my tirade yesterday. Although the number of cats is quite overwhelming, I must admit, now and then they do provide a bit of company and comfort.

So I shall look past the individual issues and focus on my fortunate position of having a place to live and a kind lady who believes my rather strange tale of transportation. I shall just have to learn to deal with the cats.

I'm naming my little gray friend, Puff, for Elinore neglects to name her cats, and this one certainly deserves a name. I''m going to sew a little collar for her, and I may put a bow in her hair. Yes, that would be nice...a bow.

In any event, my writing is going well. I plan to start on another story soon, now that Second Chance is sucessfully placed for sale. But for now it's time for tea.
Yours, very sincerely,  Lady Jane Garner

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