Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Day in the Colonies

Good morning dear friends!

Another day in the Colonies for me. I still have no idea how I came to be transported here. But I do believe it is my calling to produce some lively Regency romances that will not put one to the blush.

So, my dear friend Elinore has offered to type up my stories and then do something with the computer? so that they can be published on what she calls The Web. I don’t really understand all this, but she assures me it is quite simple and she is happy to help.

I began my writing in a notebook and when I finish a page, Elinore types it up. The cats are quite inquisitive and I constantly have to sweep one off my lap or the table. The little dears seem to have no manners what-so-ever, but Elinore is so attached to them that I can’t help being endeared.

My first book shall be called, Second Chance. A lively tale with two feisty heroines, a charming vicomte, and of course a handsome duke. Elinore says she can “upload” it right away and people can begin buying it immediately. How simply amazing! These modern times really leave my head in a whirl!

I do so hope that the novel will sell well, for I am in serious need of a new frock. I daresay I shall have to sew it myself for the clothes people wear these days are simply appalling. Fortunately, I am an accomplished seamstress and dress designer and shall be able to whip up something lovely as long as I can purchase some material and trim.

So dear readers, please go to this Web place and spend some of your money on my book. I sincerely appreciate your patronage and shall endeavor to produce more enthralling tales for you. And do keep in mind that I need that new frock!

Yours most sincerely,  Lady Jane Garner

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